Part time Panda.
That's all you need to know.

Someone talk to me and keep me company while I make dinner?

Ill lurv you fahevah and give you super awesome panda hugs! :3

I haven’t been on for awhile :(

Ive been working A LOT and getting ready to take my driving provisionals test..

I know, I know, im 21 and should have my license. But ya know what, its HARD to get a license in Alaska. You have to know so much random stupid shite. :(

Could everyone send me positive energy and good vibes?

I really need this

I cant stop sneezing and I can’t sleep :’(

At least I’m off work tomorrow :3

I had a sex dream about a friend during my nap today…It was a very very good dream…although now whenever I see him I think about the dream…and its kind of awkward..


"Wanna watch a movie?"

Yall are no fun anymore :’(

Makes me a saaaad Panda.

I don’t feel good today.  So im just gonna cuddle up in bed with my panda blanket and some tea. :3